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more free golf tips More great free golf tips for you, I use this one particularly when I sometimes feel my swing has gone when I am playing and it gets me back on track

Hit Practice Shots With Feet Together

Hitting practice shots with your feet together will help you make a better body turn. With you feet together, you are forced to fully rotate your hips on the backswing, then uncoil as you meet and move through the ball. Consequently, your balance, tempo and control also improve.

Try taking the swing to a three-quarter position. Concentrate on hitting the ball solidly while keeping your balance.

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Hitting Down on the Chip

When it comes to chip shots, it seems that practically every golfer has an inborn fear he won't give the ball enough loft. He wants to see that ball travel in a high arc, so he sets his weight back of the club head at the moment of impact. The result is his body upward in his convulsive scooping motion. Instead of lifting the ball in a crisp arc, he is lucky if he doesn't hit way behind it or skull it over the green.

To correct these faults, first make sure your left wrist is straight and on a line with the shaft. Then, when you swing, the key thing to remember is the hands, not the wrists. The back swing uses both hands evenly, with a certain amount of play in the wrists. So does the downswing. The hands lead the club head slightly. At impact you should feel yourself striking down and through the ball. This action may at first give you the sen- sation that you are closing the club head, but actually your are just giving yourself a chance to follow through in a straight line that follows the course of the ball. The loft of the club head will supple all the loft you need.

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Keeping It Straight

The old adage that the left arm should always be kept straight is still as relevant as ever-as long as you interpret it correctly.

It does not mean that you must keep the arm absolutely ramrod straight and stiff, because that defeats everything.

The object of the golf swing is to create the widest possible arc. That is impossible if the left arm is bent at any point in the backswing or downswing, and will result in a chopping action.

Maintain a wide arc by turning your shoulders and keeping your left arm as straight as possible. Then as you move into the down swing, your weight shifts onto your left leg and your arm should be pulling along the line of the shaft.

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The Short Chip from the Apron

When they are faced with a short chip from the apron of a green, most players feel compelled to try to loft the ball up to the pin.

Their thinking here seems to be that every shot in golf, except the putt, has to travel through the air in a high arc and land right at the target.

The result is that a great many golfers either use too lofted a club from the edge of the green or they make an even more serious mistake: they try to scoop the ball up with faulty wrist action, of course.

These are doable free golf tips

Actually, the shot to play from the edge is a run-up-the kind of shot where the ball is hit a short distance in the air and then gradually sits down and rolls the rest of the way to the cup, as a putt does.

The club to use is one of the middle irons—from the four-iron through the seven-iron, depending on the terrain and your own choice of clubs. (I generally go with the six-iron.)

To play a chip-and-run shot, the player must hit the ball first, the turf afterward. To do this, he must be sure and keep his wrists firm and to address the ball with his hands slightly ahead of the ball. The feet should be no more than ten inches apart, the stance slightly open.

With this unspectacular but sound free golf tip, you won't be leaving yourself eight- and ten-footers to hole. After a while you'll have five-footers or less.

This is one of the most important free golf tips

"Head Still Drill"

I see many players move their heads excessively off the ball. This can result in an exaggerated hang-back-and-hit move that usually results in a weak slice.

To control head motion so that only natural rotation occurs try the following:

Place a broken shaft in the ground about one foot past the ball, but directly on line with your nose.

Angle the shaft so that it points directly at your head, but doesn't interfere with your swing. Practice your swing, keeping your eyes on the end of the shaft.

It will be very easy to detect any excessive sideways head motion.

Some Basic free golf tips on "Etiquette" Rules.

Ok, we've all been there. Some of us are still there, said the author as he looked in the mirror. You're golfing with three other people, and you are obviously the worst golfer. How do you handle, what is the 'etiquette'? Well, if they are friends, there really isn't any. However, follow these free golf tips as rules of thumb:

* Don't delay play. If you are on your tenth shot, or twelfth, or fifteenth, pick the ball up. You're probably holding people up behind you, and just as importantly, you are frustrating YOURSELF!!

* If you're scoring every hole, give yourself your last shot number plus two. * If you lose a ball, look for it yourself. This promotes faster play, and your friends will appreciate it.

* If you don't find the ball, take a stroke, drop near where you think it is, and hit away.

* Don't look for a ball for more than three minutes

* If you are having a bad day, don't complain and whine. The people you are playing with don't want to hear it. If you are going to open your mouth, maybe ask for advice.

* Remember, you're supposed to be having fun. If you are not, stop playing. My worst day on a golf course is better than sitting at home doing nothing! * NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER OFFER ADVICE UNSOLICITED TO A PLAYER WHO IS CLEARLY BETTER THAN YOU, AND RARELY OFFER TO SOMEONE WHO IS CLEARLY WORSE. THE ADVICE MUST BE SOUGHT OUT, NOT GIVEN!!!

Again, you know your friends better than I, and these are rules of thumbs. Not all of them conform to the "Royal Book Of Golf Published By The Golf Kings", but if you read them a couple times, I bet you would agree.

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“What’s The Secret To Curing a Golf Slice When Nothing Up To This Point Has Worked For You?”

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Having good posture is critical to a successful golf swing.

To learn to feel the correct amount of flex in your knees, and also create the ideal body angles at address, try this drill:

Address the ball as you would normally and then hold the shaft of a club along the length of your spine.

Get used to the feeling of sticking your rear-end out slightly, and matching the angle of your spine with the line of the shaft of the club.

As you begin to feel more comfortable with this position, start to hit half shots. Now you have established a solid foundation from which to swing.

The Right Elbow

When most golfers attend a major tournament, they are often struck by how long the top pros hit their shots and yet how they seem to swing so effortlessly at the ball.

It takes effort to hit a golf ball make no mistake about that—but a top pro’s swing gives impression of ease because his overall timing is so precise.

The power supplied by the body blends perfectly with the action of the hands.

The big thing in coordinating the body with the hands is keeping my right elbow tucked in close throughout the swing.

By using this free golf tip, you tie in the action of the right side with the blow, and it's the right side that supplies the power behind the shot.

To look at it the other way—if you have a floating right elbow, that gives your body no chance to get its contribution in.

You're just slapping at the ball with your arms and your hands.

The body is dormant.

The leading pros naturally have different features they have worked on and continue to work on to achieve the integration of the body and the hands, but I pass the "tucked-in elbow" on to you because it is an essential part of every fine golfer's swing.

This free golf tip was contributed by Dr Richard Myers of Think and Reach Par.

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