A golf cart can take the strain and ease the pain

A golf cart or if you prefer a golf trolley is a great asset, I am of course referring to the electric version, especially for our more mature golfers(didn't like to use the "older" word makes me feel old). If you are a member of a hilly golf course, as I was, you will know how it feels when you are approaching the end of the round and you start to get tired, first thing that used to go was my swing tempo and I started dropping shots and what was looking like a good round became a disaster. When you finally got to the 19th and had your drink and a chat with the boys then stood up to go wow! stiff hardly describes it, but no more.

My wife bought me an electric trolley for my birthday, what a difference, nowhere near as tired or stiff after the game.

Like everthing else though there is a lot of choice out there, what I will be doing is adding a selection of different examples to the page and where to to buy them, I will of course be looking for the best deals.

In the mean time happy golfing!

golf cart

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