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"Hit your golf driver further and straighter"

Let us help you choose your golf driver

When you are searching for a golf driver,it can be a daunting task choosing the one that suits you, especially when you are starting out, given the amount of choice that is available and all the marketing you are faced with daily, whether it be on the TV or in the magazines that you may purchase.

Another area of advice of course comes from our fellow golfers, however well meaning it may be, always remember the saying.

"One mans meat is another mans poison"

It's a great feeling having just got the golf driver out and whacked it "straight down the middle", especially on the first hole of the monthly medal, you cant beat getting off to a good start and who knows this could be the day.

Then on the second tee out it comes again and .......... it's in the water!! or in the trees .....or even out of bounds, depression begins to set in, those dreams of golf glory begin to fade away.

Those big headed 460cc plus clubs have become very popular, but some of us can't get them to work!!.

Theres a good article here that may help you golf drivers

It doesn't matter if your using a Nike or a Callaway, Mizuno, Cleveland or even a Yonex driver.

If your golf clubs dont suit you then playing the game to the best of your ability becomes very difficult.

With a little time spent on following the fitting chart avaiable here GigaGolf.comGolf Driveryou will soon be on your way to choosing the correct clubs to suit you.

This is probably the most important step you will make, after playing with the same golf clubs for about 5 years I was advised to customise my clubs as I am over 6ft.tall.

I took the advice and bought a new set of customised clubs..............result handicap came down by 5 shots!!!!!!!!!!and I got my name on the board.

For our European and UK visitors please visit

Online Golf

They have been online since August 1999. In that time we’ve become the largest Internet only Golf Company in Europe through our strategy of putting the customer first in everything we do.

We’re turning the golf mail order business upside down….

We are authorised suppliers of every product on our website. For you, this means that we can offer first class after sales support.

If something goes wrong it can be replaced or repaired under full guarantee.

All our stock is packaged and brand new*.

Beware of websites selling from golf shops that may offer shop soiled or display goods. Take a look at our warehouse interior where you can see all products in their original packaging.

We never advertise products that we can’t supply – we’re not in the business of publicising low prices on goods that we don’t have in the hope we can swap you onto something else.

We hold huge stock levels in our state of the art warehouse and we deliver over 95-99% of orders from stock. In our 20,000 sq.ft. warehouse we have over 7000 different products in stock.

PGA Professionals are an integral part of the business.

All our products are evaluated or tested by them to ensure we are offering you products that work.

They are also on hand to offer advice by e-mail or telephone.

If there is ever a problem with your order we’ll put it right, whatever the cost, to your complete satisfaction.

Onlinegolf – Low Prices – Brand New Sealed Packaged Products – In Stock

* Excluding product marked as second hand.

As we mentioned before price can be a barrier each of our providers has a selection of pre used clubs on offer, you can also visit

Certified Pre-Owned Callaway Golf Clubs

We are aware that you may like to shop around we have provided links to some other Golf stores here.

These have also been selected for their quality of service and competitive pricing.

For a further selection

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