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A Selection of golf training aids to help you improve your game

Here we have selected from our preferred suppliers lists, a number of golf training aids and tips which are designed to help you improve your game.

Training who needs it!,we are not all born with a perfect swing nor do we all have a magnificent short game.The training aids below are designed to help you if you need it, I have used some of them and they certainly helped my game.

You can also see our selection of golf tips here

Slash Your Golf Score! PGA Pro's new course GUARANTEES it!

YES - its true! PGA Pro Brian Hall's new e-Course "Simple Golf Made Easy" GUARANTEES to slash shots off your golf score ... or your money back!

To find out all about this 26-week Game Improvement Plan, go to

Hope this helps you 'get out of the rough' with your golf game!

Improve your game with these golf training aids

Amazing New Simple Golf SystemGuarantees To Improve Your Golf GameAnd Makes Golf More Fun

This is an amazing system, I received my copy of this system around 6 weeks ago, at the time I was having nightmares on the golf course it was so bad I didn't want to play, I was all over the place.

I watched the video and it really made sense, so much so that I paused the machine to have a go at what he was teaching and it felt good, I could hardly wait to get to the golf course and try it out.

I am not going to tell you I cut 10 strokes of my handicap or make any wild claims, what I can say is that I am now much happier with my game and yes I have lost some shots.

If you are going through a bad patch or if you are just starting out I think this is a great golf training aid which will be of benefit to you, and above all it really is simple


I have come down by 4 shots!! Learn more about the Golf Swing here

Dramatically Improve Your Golf Using The World's Most Effective, Easy-To-Understand Golf Instruction And

    Golf Training Aids.

Think and Reach Par is your headquarters for golf training products. Created by New South Media, LLC, this website includes products developed by the BEST IN THE BUSINESS-all designed to help YOU to a better golf score. All of our products are proven and will help 90% of all golfers improve their game. Why 90%, because the PGA says 90% of all golfers never break 90.

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, New South Media, LLC, a publishing company, is the creation of Richard C. Myers, who developed the company to provide high quality self-help software, golf training software, and books, for people everywhere.

About Richard Myers

Born in rural South Carolina and educated in the public school system in Orangeburg County South Carolina.

Having come from an agricultural area and growing up on a farm, after serving time in the U.S. Army, I attended college and have a degree in Animal Science.

I spent years in agri-business and related fields and businesses. In the meantime I have obtained a Masters and Doctorate degree in Business Administration.

Having a passion for golf, and wanting to help other golfers, I decided to start selling self improvement golf training aids on this website in 2000. It is a very rewarding business because many of my customers call and email me to tell me how much these products have helped them improve their golf game. I have met many friendly and nice people thru this website.

Look around the site. I'm sure we have something that will help you lower your golf score, and thanks to all of our customers for your business.

more golf-traing-aids here

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