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Just another annoyed T.V. golf watcher

by Dennis
(Sebastopol, CA)

I leave the T.V. on the Golf Channel as the news & political & reality stuff is too much to handle anymore. I don't play as I have 1 eye but my elderly mother has enjoyed watching the pros, men & women,for decades. But watching it now bothers me because of these Australians that are in a great number of announcing positions. I can handle the obviously dumb statements they might make but what really drives me up a wall is their horrible accent. The British or Scottish aren't so bad but the Aussies will say tur instead of tour or "yesta-die" instead of yesterday or "They are on the sixtynth" or paw instead of par. It sounds like their tongue has crap on it & they're trying to avoid it. Why does golf employ such ill sounding people as announcers as the viewing public deserves to listen to a reasonably pleasant sounding program. I've seen a local morning newscaster change from an annoying way of ending his stories as if he was out of breath from running a race. He has since changed & I feel it must have been from people voicing their annoyances of it. Hopefully, my tirade here can be added to any others that have been sent in to maybe cause a change for our increased enjoyment of watching golf on T.V.

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