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My Hole in One

by Joe Mac Millan

Me with the great Johnny Bower, NHL Hall of Famer

Me with the great Johnny Bower, NHL Hall of Famer

The chances of a person getting a hole in one are like 8,000 to one. So in theory, you should get a hole in one for one out of every 2,000 rounds of golf.(4 par threes per round). Now the average duffer plays about 15 rounds of golf per year. So that means we should shoot a hole in one every 133 years.

Now to do it in company with your wife and son in law. Priceless.

I'll be honest. I love golf. I play a lot with my son in law and wife. Of course the ribbing goes on and on. It never stops. If it does they are loading up with more ammunition.

Occasionally I play with my grandson and surprisingly I shoot at least 8 shots less than with my antagonists. Could it be the ribbing?

My wife and I live in a gated community with a great par 3 course. My wife and I were joined by our son in law and on the 100 yard number 8 hole I was the first to tee off and the ball took one bounce and bingo. My second ever hole in one.

Now If it had happened without them there is no way they would have believed me. However, from that moment on I have bragging rights.

I have a nice website as well. Be sure to take a look at the beautiful golf courses here at www.whistler-outdoors.com.

I'll be back in 133 more years to tell you about my next hole in one.

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