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Watch these putting tip videos and improve your game

Putting Tip Videos:

Keep Your Eyes Over The Ball

The position of your ball is as important in the putting stroke as it is in the full swing. There are two factors to bear in mind:

1) Firstly, the ball should be forward in your stance to encourage a slight ascending blow when the putter-face meets the ball. This imparts a good roll on your putts.

2) Secondly, your eyes should ideally be directed over the ball, as this gives you the best perspective of the line from the ball to the hole.

A Simple Routine suggestion

Here is one simple routine that helps give you the perfect ball position:

Adopt a comfortable posture and then drop a golf ball from the bridge of your nose. The spot on which it lands represents perfect ball position for you.

It may sound simple but it works!!

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Here are some videos on putting that you may find useful in improving your putting technique.

Top 25 Golf Pro Lesson Putting Secrets

www.shawnclementgolf.com Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, and top 25 CPGA Teaching Professional as rated by Score Golf Magazine, shows you untold putting secrets that will have you sinking putts from everywhere!

Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Putting Confidence Program

Famous disc golf coach and pro Mark Ellis presents this in-depth program that guarantees your putting success.

Golf Putting Tips and Techniques by Todd Sones, Coutour Golf

Todd Sones of Coutour Golf, developer of the Tri Fit Method appears on The Golf Scene TV show.

Todd Sones gives Golf Putting Tips and Techniques. Get setup properly, correct length putter, balanced swing weight, etc.

For more Golf Tip Videos visit:


Thank you.

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Here is a great system to improve your golf

Golf Domination!

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