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Welcome to the John-Toepel-articles

In this series of articles John Toepel will be sharing with us some his tips and also some great stories about when he was on tour.

I am sure you will enjoy reading them.

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Focus on Pars & Birdies - by Veteran PGA Tour Player John “The Golf Genius” Toepel

The PGA Tour was in Philadelphia playing the IVB Classic at the White Marsh CC. It was a fun course and not terribly hard. It was the third round. I had made the cut and was ready to make a move. I don’t remember exactly where I stood but I was looking forward to a good tournament.

I got to the course an hour ahead of my tee time, changes shoes and went to the practice tee to warm up both my muscles. In those days we had our own bag of practice balls.

My caddie, just like all the players caddies, would head out on the range and hope to not get hit while I hit balls in his direction. As I warmed up my shots got better and better. Every shot was hit on the button and straight as an arrow right at the caddie.

The more shots I hit the more excited I got. I couldn’t wait to get to the course. This was going to be great round and a low score.

After the range work, I hit some chips and several putts. Then it was on to the first tee.

I was ready and excited. That was one of the most disappointing rounds of golf I have ever played. The first drive was not quite as good as the range shots. The next iron wasn’t as solid. I spent the whole 18 holes trying to find what I had on the range. Scoring was never really the main event for me that day. Very immature.


I ended up shooting 75, very unhappy and a bit frustrated.

Today I understand. A bit late but at least I can pass on the wisdom to you. The emphasis was all wrong. It was on that great ball striking I was enjoying on the range and that I wanted to continue forever.

That was and is not the important thing. Scoring is – period. Great ball striking can be satisfying but it is never the whole game or even a big part of the game. Scoring is – period.

The moral – the focus is ALWAYS on making pars and birdies NEVER on the swing or ball striking. That’s your only job on the course.

John Toepel is a Veteran PGA Tour Player, instructor, author and professional speaker. He is also the discoverer of Concept Golf, the quickest way to immediate, life-long lasting improvements to anyone's golf game. To learn more about Concept Golf, including the most comprehensive golf instruction system ever, "The Concept Golf Perfect Shot Making System", please visit Johns site and Discover the Par Golfer In You!!

Concept Golf is a revolutionary golf instruction system unlike any other, producing immediate, life-long, dramatic improvements in any golfer from beginners to Pro's. Visit Concept Golf - golf instruction to learn more.

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