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Golf the greatest game in the world. WELCOME!

Welcome to my website Just For Golf it is dedicated to providing you up to date information on what is new or happening out there in this great game of golf

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golf swing

Who wouldn't want one of these!!!!

You will find articles on the History of Golf if you want to know more about the origin of the game.

There is all the latest golf news

Videos on putting, driving,chipping the golf swing

Where to find the best deals on golf clubs offers on Vacations, where to buy golf shoes at the best price, the best source for golf balls whether used or brand new, golf auctions the latest golf games and golf books and much much more.

We have tried and continue to try to provide you with all the information that you need to enjoy this wonderful game.

Within these pages you will find the keys that will help you improve your game.


Playing this game is not the easiest thing in the world for most of us. In fact some of us find it extremely difficult to improve our performance,

Is it all down to the golf equipment we use? well not quite, a few golf lessons might help, or even better fitting golf shoes

or new clubs.....or....a better golf swing.</a> I could go on.

So what makes us come back week after week?

Just one thing.................... we love the game.

Have you ever walked off the course wondering why you kept hitting that big hook? Maybe it was the slice that was driving you crazy... OR... was it the fact that you kept topping the ball all day?...
OR.... maybe the ball just wouldn't drop in the hole!!

Well that's golf!!!

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Happy Golfing !!