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Golf Putter, Recent Surveys Show
That 48% of Golfers Believe
It Is The Most Important Club

Choosing your putter

The golf putter, there is probably a greater variety of this club in the market place than any other piece of golf equipment.So getting it right can be difficult, The best thing you can do is try as many different golf putters as you can.

It is also the most personal of all the golf clubs we use, because we use it more often,every hole unfortunately, unless of course we get an eagle ......or even an albatross, I wish, therefore you have to choose it carefully.........,otherwise.

Its all about feel......do I like it..........does it feel good..........do I feel confident using it.

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Its a great feeling when you single putt a green, so my advice is test as many putters as you can it will be well worth it in the end.

In the words of the famous Arnold Palmer:

"Drive for show, putt for Dough"

If you are looking for some putting tips then golf putter

Here are some pointers that may help you in making your choice.

Nowadays you can spend a great deal of money on a golf putter, that doesn't guarantee that it is right for you, you may find one in a bargain bin that does the trick, so don't let the price influence you choice.

As a general rule if you can putt with a conventional golf putter then you should use a conventional putter.

The belly putter or long putter might be worth looking at but they bring their own problems mainly in distance control, golfers with a bad back may want to consider the long putter.

The Belly Putter

The belly putter provides a third point of contact - the abdomen (along with each hand) - between the putter and the player, which provides stability and balance to the stroke.

The main advantages of this putter length are that the putter is anchored against the body, and wrist action is easier to control, while the player remains in a posture that is close to the ideal.

However, since belly putters are longer and generally have a thicker grip, feel is reduced. Distance control is dicier as well due to the longer shaft.

The Long Putter

The long putter turns the putting stroke into a true pendulum swing, totally eliminating wrist hinge. Golfers take an upright stance, so those who suffer from weak or aching backs get a bit of a break.

But the long putter is even longer than the belly putter (it ain't called the "long putter" - or "broomstick putter" - for nothing!), and that means even less feel and feedback. It also means that controlling distance becomes a bit more problematic.

Face balanced mallets or heel-toe weighted putters are what most of us "amateur"golfers should look at.

The basic types are:



Perimiter Weighted



Face Inserts

golf putter face inserts can be made of metal, rubber, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood and more. Do they matter? If they improve your putting, it likely will be because a better feel has increased your confidence. They are designed to provide a softer feel. They also define the area of the sweet spot, and they can help increase heel-toe weighting. They're nice, but you can do just fine without them, too.


An offset shaft or hosel is generally a good thing for a recreational golfer (and many pros, too). Offset helps the golfer line up with his or her forward eye over the ball, and with a good line of sight. Offset also helps keep the hands ahead of the ball when the putt is struck, which is a putting fundamental. Many putt great without offset, so it's one more thing that comes down to feel.

We have talked about the different style and size of the golf putter but which one is right for you.

most of our suppliers will have a fitting chart you can use and you will get the basics right.

"For a comprehensive selection and great discounts please visit our

Preferred Suppliers.

Improve your Golf ....TODAY!!!

Discover The Benefits Of A Really Simple Golf System

This is a truly amazing system, I received my video only last week and couldn't wait to get out on the course to try it.

It took a few holes before I started to get it right, but boy when I did I sure hit the ball further and even more important straighter.

Do yourself a favour go to the link below and check it out.

It wont be long until he puts the price up.

Improve your golf today!!

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