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But first a little bit of history....

Golfballs a brief history

The game was originally played with golfballs made of feathers tightly packed inside a leather cover.

About 1850 a ball made of gutta-percha (a crude form of rubber) came into use. At the start of the 20th century a two-piece ball with a rubber core enclosed in gutta-percha, similar in design to the ball in use today, was developed.

After much experimentation, the pitted, or dimpled, surface of modern golf balls was adopted to stabilize flight. Most golf balls today have a cover made of a plastic resin called Surlyn and a rubber core. All golf balls must have a diameter of no less than 1.68 in (4.27 cm) and weigh not more than 1.62 oz (45.93 g).

In todays hi tech world even the golfballs are constantly being developed, witness this explanation from Titleist for just one of their range.

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The Titleist DT SoLo features a soft compression, high velocity core and a soft Surlyn blend cover. This combination provides lower driver spin for long distance off the tee. The very low spin also helps golfers to minimize unintentional hook and slice sidespin for straighter distance. Unlike many other low spin distance golfballs, the DT SoLo still provides soft feel on all shots tee-to-green.

Ain't that something..... get me some of those!!

Now for some of our better players this may well be important information to them..... but for most of us out there including yours truly it doesn't mean a lot.

Oh I know which ball I like to play with, I know the sort of feel I like when I am making a putt...but it sure is a bit to "techie" for me any way.

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But enough of that I here you say, where can we buy them and at the best price!!

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