My sbi story a little bit of history about me and SBI

My sbi story


My name is Joe and I am the owner of this site,this is my SBI story, first though a little bit about me.

I was born in Glasgow Scotland a long time ago, but I have been living in England for the last 22 years.

Most people think that if you are from Scotland you were born with a golf club in your hand, well it is not true, I didn't start playing golf until I was in my middle 40's by then my brother was playing off a 1 handicap and his son is now a golf professional, how I ever managed to resist taking up the game I dont know, I guess I was always "to busy", anyway the bug finally bit and now I am a bit of a golf nut!.

What I would like to do now is tell you the sbi story of how I ended up building this site.

SBI Story Start your journey today

I was fast approaching retirement age when I decided I would have a look on the internet for a business opportunity.

I had no idea what I was looking for in particular and I certainly had no technical expertise, html and ftp were really a foreign language to me.What I did know was that I wanted to build a business that would allow me to work from home.

Talking about working from home I know that there are lots of moms out there who would like to contribute to the family income, well, we have created a page just for you its called Work at Home Moms or WAHM sbi storyjust click this link and you will be there.

" The Get Rich Quick Trap"

Thats what I like to call it anyway, there was I, not only a "Newbie" I was also an "Oldie".There are lots of "business opportunities" on the web and I soon found out that nothing is for free.

I joined a number of affiliate programmes that promised a lot but delivered very little. lots of promises but no follow through ( pardon the golf pun).

I wasn't easily put of so I kept trying, yes I made some money, but I lost more! I bought numerous how to books but to no avail.

I then decided after all my experience!! ha! ha! on the web, that to build a website had to be the route,so once again I found myself paying money for website building progams which promised a lot, charged a lot, but delivered very little. With no real techie knowledge I found it almost impossible to follow their instructions, and then there was this new term Search Engine Optimisation, what is that all about!!I bet there are loads of people out there today who have websites that get no visitors and they haven't a clue as to why this is, particularly among the small businessman.

SBI! Case Studies

You can imagine I was pretty despondent at this time, I didn't seem to be getting anywhere.

One of the programs I had joined, was run by a lady who did take an interest in what you were doing, we had a number of conversations and she suggested that I needed to focus properly,find something you like and work at it, I did I worked at her program (I am still a member) Contact List Builder followed her instrutions and things began to fall into place.

Although I was doing better it still wasn't what I wanted, I wanted a business, my business, the problem was doing what, I wanted to build a website, but about what? Then one day I got an e mail from someone I cant remember who and it talked about this man called Ken Evoy, now I had come across Ken before but I was in my "to busy" mode and he seemed to go into great detail and I was "to busy" to read all his stuff, I decided to revisit his site and see what it was all about i guess this was really the start of my sbi story

I wish I had stuck with it 3 years ago.

Out Of The GRQ Mindset

Off I went to his website and started reading, two things stood out to whilst I was reading.

The first was the slogan

" Don't Just Build a Website, Build a Business"

Here is a video by an SBI owner,

This was what I wanted to do but I still didn't know what sort off business

The other was the word


Why was that so important?, looking back over what I had done, I had been "interested"in it but not passionate about it, the more I read the more it became clear how important it was to have a passion for whatever business I was going to get involved in.

When thing's aren't going right if it something you are merely "interested" in it is very easy to get diverted and move on to something else, however if you are involved in something you are passionate about that passion will keep you going so that you are able to get the job done.( This was Ken's explanation not mine)

Where am I now

It is just over 7 years since my sbi story started I joined the 5Pillar Club and almost 6 years since I first launched my first site, I am still learning, still making mistakes, but we have a great support team, we have the forums where other SBIer's exchange ideas on what is working for them, and loads of how to's.

I am constantly tweaking my site trying to make it better, but best of all I don't have to bother with the "techie" stuff thats all taken care of by Ken and his team.

My site now has around 140 pages and is still growing and yes I am begining to make money.

What makes it all work? passion and focus, if you have something you feel passionate about and would like to turn it into a business, you are in the right place.

Finally don't think you are to old, I started on this journey 7 years ago when I was 62.

If you would like to see how it all works The Action Guide

Dont just take my word for it, here is a link to other people who have built successful web businesses using Sitebuild it.

See what the Media have to say about Site build it

Make this the first day of the rest of your life Don't think about it SBI it!!

If you have questions the answers are here

find out more


Thank you for reading my sbi story, here is a link to a free E- book on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Masters

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