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Improve Your Game With the Correct Golf Shoes

The correct golf shoes not only improves your balance but also helps you get a firm grip on the ground.

This gives you more support and more power in your swing. Choosing the correct shoes and golf accessories is an often-overlooked part of golf accessory shopping.

However, more and more people are realizing that wearing the correct shoes can improve their game.

There are two features that we feel are very imprtant when choosing new shoes,they are that they are flexible as this will increase the walking comfort and the other is that they are waterproof and if possible have a a warranty to that effect. Fortunately most of the recognised brands such as Footjoy,Addidas,Callaway etc generally have waterproof warranties.

There are basically two types of shoes available.

Hard/metal spikes( I have found that many clubs don't allow these nowadays as they can chew up the greens)

Soft/ plastic spikes, these are proving to be more acceptable at many clubs

There are now spikeless varieties available. Where to Buy Online

There is now a great selection of online shops where you can purchase your golf shoes, at Just-For-Golf we are constantly searching the web for the best suppliers, we don't think just one supplier can cater to all your requirements, therefore we like to offer you a selection from our preferred suppliers.

Golf Shoes Only

For our UK and European visitors.

Online Golf have a great selection of golf shoes You may have seen their ads on the Golf Channel. They have a great selection of golf clubs and accessories together with a range of special offers.

They carry a returns policy guarantee details of which are on the website.

Well worth a visit especially on their "specials"

We are aware that you may like to shop around we have provided links to some other Golf stores here.

These have also been selected for their quality of service and competitive pricing.

Golf Shoes Only

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