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You would be amazed at what a little stretching can do to your golf game. Flexibility is an important part of a good golf swing. If your muscles are tense and out of shape, you can really have a hard time controlling the club. In the worst case scenario, you can pull one of your golfing muscles and be out of commission for weeks!

Stretching is easy and you can do it practically anywhere. Try out these golf stretching exercises and watch the results.

Over Your Head

Any kind of stretches that extend your arms over your head can help with your backswing. You can clasp your hands together, turn your arms inside out, and reach for the sky. Don't stop until you feel it pulling.

Or, try this: simply grip your club and take it over your head, stretching all the way back until you feel the stretch. Over the head stretching is great for your shoulders and can help sharpen up your backswing.


Another thing you can do with your shoulders is rotate them. Work your shoulders frontways or backward in a circle a little bit. Keeping these muscles loose and limber will prevent painful shoulder injuries.

Sometimes your instincts are wrong Here is another of these interesting golf articles and the times when our instincts are wrong.

golf article #2

I watch a lot of golf on TV. It is generally enjoyable, oftentimes exciting, and I usually manage to learn something. However, some of the announcers are a bit of a mystery to me. Let me give you some examples of comments that I have heard over the past two years from some commentators:

hard hitting articles on golf announcers A stretching exercise for golf program will add many yards to your drives and dramatically improve your golf swing consistency. In fact there is no legitimate golf exercise program that does not include stretching exercises. That is how important a stretching exercise for golf program is.

Golf Putting Tips to Take 3-4 Strokes Off Your Score Many golfers throughout the world do not concentrate on improving their putting by looking for golf putting tips because they think it is such a minor portion of the game of golf. I believe that they are sadly mistaken. Keys to a better golf swing The golf professionals do have something that they agree on. If you do not keep your balance during the entire swing, it is not possible to have a good stroke. It sounds simple to keep your balance, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it is impossible to have good balance when you are so tense that you are “white knuckling” the club, your entire body is stiff, and you are trying to hit the ball too hard.

Effortless distance with your golf swing Many times when you hear people talking about getting the most distance out of their drives or irons, you probably hear the word timing used as they talk about how to achieve this. Or, when you watch the professionals play (especially in person) the distance they achieve seems to come so effortlessly and smooth.

Four Keys to Hitting a 460cc Driver

By Kevin M. Downey, President of Innovex Golf

The key to hitting the ball farther with the modern driver and golf ball (which spins much less off of a flat face than balls of the past) is high launch combined with a low spin rate. Our goal is to get enough spin to achieve lift, while minimizing (hopefully eliminating) drag. Assuming that you have a driver with enough loft, here are four things that you can do to increase launch and decrease spin rate, thus increasing your distance off the tee:

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