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95% of golfers dont break 100 not all of us can get down to being a single figure golfer but even so as a mid handicap player you will still get years of pleasure from the game.

An entire book could be written on how to make golf more enjoyable for new players. So many newbies to the sport of golf make the same mistakes over and over again and they end up quitting before they have a chance to actually enjoy the sport and make progress.A trip to the local pro to arrange some b>golf lessons may have kept them enjoying the game

While hundreds of beginners golf tips could be offered for every new player, there really are just a few basic golf rules which you should follow in order to enjoy yourself and become a better player each and every time you head for the golf course.

Most mistakes that beginners golf players make are entirely mental. They start the game and get way in over their head and before you know it, that expensive set of golf clubs starts gathering dust in the closet.

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Practice A Little“Stick-to-it-iveness”

Like anything in life that takes skill, you must learn to stick with golf despite whatever obstacles you may face when starting out. The truth is that golf is unlike most other sports and gratification comes later, rather than sooner. It takes quite a bit of time to become skilled and build up the necessary motor skills which lead to a great shot.

" The harder I practice the better I get"Gary Player

Hitting the ball, as simple as that sounds, beginners golf is quite difficult when you are actually playing through a course. And most people start playing golf when they have already reached their adult years.

This means that we have lost some of our basic youthful skills of learning. Our bodies and minds are not as amenable as they once were when we were kids. In fact, young children are known to learn the game much faster than adults. So in essence, the only way to overcome these initial problems is to stick to it, no matter what.

Patience Is A Virtue

Never such a truer statement has been said when describing the game of golfe specially beginners golf. If patience has not been one of your greatest attributes, you are soon going to realize just how much of it you must learn to have in beginners golf.

Golf takes a few years before you will start making some serious headway. There are numerous aspects of the game which will take time to grasp. Without patience, frustration will set in and take over.

How Difficult Can It Be?

Golf is made up of a variety of plays. For example, you have the long game which will require great timing and strength and a solid swing, here is a great ebook on developing your swing

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Then of course you have the short game, which will require precise motor skills with your hands. You then have putting, which will demand aiming ability. And every hole you play will have specific hazard zones you need to avoid when hitting the ball.

In other words, while you can read and practice tip, after tip, your greatest power to become a better golf player will depend on how much patience you have, and the ability to stick with the course and understand that moving along at a slow pace will keep you involved and enjoying this wonderful game for years to come.

In conclusion as a beginner golf player it takes practice and patience to finally get that success on the course, but its worth it, you will have a great deal of pleasure and also some frustration as you develop the skills required for the greatest game of all golf.

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