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Jack- Long discusses the use of wood in this article

Could a wooden putter help solve your putting problems? Jack Long . . . Facts, Fiction, Hope


We believe that some golfers will benefit from using a wooden putter. Let’s reflect for a moment on some of the qualities and uses of wood. Wood is a natural material that has been used by man since the earliest days of human existence.

We are attracted by wood. Sometimes, we seem to be unexplainably “drawn” to wood. If we see a fine woodcarving, many of us want to feel it. Some of us can’t resist running our hands along a beautiful wooden banister or the teak railing of a sailboat or the stock of a vintage shotgun or a fine piece of furniture or even a handcrafted salad bowl.

This isn't some sort of magic or the need of an online MBA to understand this,it is just a natural spiritual thing of this earth.

We are drawn to the woods for recreation, relaxation and reflection. We are struck by the beauty and majesty of trees. Many of us live in houses made of wood and work in offices with wooden furniture; we are either surrounded by, or close to wood for a good part of each day.

Because wood comes from a living organism, we sometimes think of wood as being “alive”. Wood changes color, and undergoesexpansion and contraction during different times of the year.

Wood also acts as a transmitting agent. Wood transmits life-giving water and dissolved minerals from beneath the ground to the leaves of trees.

High quality wood is used to make musical instruments because of its ability to beautifully and soothingly transmit the vibrations of the strings.

It was the “transmitting” quality of wood that interested researchers at the Paranormally Controlled Trajectories Institute in Niblickvostock in the former Soviet Union.

Since the late 1920s, the PCT Institute has conducted extensive research into parapsychological phenomena, including telepathy (that is, the direct transference of “thought” from one person – the sender – to another person – the recipient – without using the usualsensory channels of communication.

In a recently released 1954 research paper entitled “The Parapsychological Influencing of Subordinate Officers,” it was disclosed that a senior military officer could transmit increased confidence to a junior officer if both of them were simultaneously touching a 3-foot square wooden table between them during their conversation.

Without being told about the experiment, the junior officer was instructed to continuously touch a table leg with his non-dominant hand. It was determined that the senior officer could - by dint of concentration and by touching the diagonal leg of the table with one of his hands - increase the junior officer’s confidence in the ultimate success of the plan or topic under discussion. The clinically tested success rate was 80%. This is a classic case where havingMasters in project management proved that golf can also fit into the realm of spiritual believing, to over come obstacles and improve you golf game Understandably, the PCT Institute took a keen interest in the paranormal qualities of wood.

A subsequent, important study proved that medium-range Soviet marksmen were about three times more accurate when their rifles were fitted with wooden stocks, as opposed to lightweight metal stocks. The shooter’s “confidence” was transmitted through the wooden stock, and influenced the trajectory of the bullet.

The ability of wood to transmit confidence - for example, confidence in a military plan, or confidence in the trajectory of a bullet - makes it a strong candidate for the construction of putters.

(At this time, we do not believe that wood is a viable candidate for drivers and fairway clubs because of the lengths of the shafts of those clubs. The slightly shorter shaft of a putter makes transmission more feasible. Remember, the length of the table between the officers in the Soviet experiments was only 3 feet, and the stock of the marksman’s rifle was probably less than 2 feet long.)

Wooden putters.

I understand this sounds like we are traveling backwards in terms of the development of the putter, but the argument for a wooden putter (that is, wooden shaft, head, and, possibly, grip) deserves further testing and consideration.

Based upon the Soviet research, we believe that the inherent paranormal, living qualities of a carefully constructed, properly weighted, face-balanced and center-shafted wooden putter will allow it to virtually simultaneously TRANSMIT:

· The player’s confidence to addressing the ball and taking the backstroke;

· The direction and speed of the backstroke to the player; and

· The player’s confidence to the swing, strike, follow-through, and, importantly, trajectory of the ball (our belief that a player can paranormally influence the“trajectory” of the ball is based on the research showing greatly increased accuracy associated with the use of a wooden rifle stock).

As noted earlier, many of us are attracted to finely formed objects made of beautiful wood. This attraction argues for experimentation with a wooden putter - a living, carefully crafted, elegant tool that pleases the eye, asks to be touched, feels good to hold, and communicates with us on a level that we do not yet fully comprehend.

We do not suggest that the reader should immediately buy awooden putter We recommend that the reader experiment with a borrowed or demonstration model wooden putter.

The wood-transmission phenomena described in this article will not work for every player. Remember, the transmission of inner confidence through living wood depends upon the existence of “inner confidence” (addressed in earlier articles).

Endnote: Jack Long is a golf-theorist and founder of The Paranormal Golf InstituteÔ. He is working on a series of articles based in part upon:

Cold War research documents in the field of paranormally controlled trajectories (PCT), documents recently discovered in the archives of the PCT Institute in Niblickvostock in the former Soviet Union; and

His own, and other recent translations of the Golfnostic Gospels unearthed last year in caves near the northern Egyptian city of El Sandtrapya.

No part of this article may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from Jack Long, PGI, 192 College Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

The fourth article

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